Bon jour, Boggarts!

This week, we have been learning about emotions.  We took photographs of ourselves making different faces to show different feelings.  Daniel noticed that our eyebrows pull down when we are angry but jump up when we are surprised!



Next, we went to Forest School and we made Boggart faces!  We used our hands to squish clay onto trees and rocks and then we made eyes, hair, noses and smiles from sticks, leaves, moss and things we found in the woods.  Some of our Boggarts are angry, some feel scared, surprised and happy!  Can you guess which is which?

We liked using clay because it feels really nice!  It was beautiful weather this morning, even though it was a bit frosty.  It was lovely to get out in the sunshine.

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This week we have also started learning French.  We learned how to say ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’ then we had conversations with each other.  Mrs M was super impressed with our pronunciation!




This week we have been doing stormy pictures, since it has been really stormy here. We made mesostic poems and mixed media paintings of stormy skies. We used wool, chalk, paint and glitter. We did our poems on computer and it went up on the wall.

Also this week we have been making targets for 2017.  We thought about what we’d like to get better at, and some new things we’d like to learn.  Then we put our targets on shooting stars and decorated them.  Now they are on the wall outside our classroom, so we can remind ourselves what we want to achieve this year!

In English, we are learning about writing instructions.  Yesterday, our teacher pretended to be a robot and we had to give it orders to make a jam sandwich. Some of us didn’t give detailed enough instructions and things went wrong, like the robot put the bread on its head and spread the butter on the table!  Willow told the robot to grab the bread and it squished the bread in its hand!  We learned that instructions have to be clear and precise, or else bad things happen!  It was very funny.

Today we made shortbread with Judy, it was really tasty and we followed all the instructions.  We found all the bossy words (imperative verbs) that tell us what to do in the recipe.

Pudsey Week

Last week we had a Pudsey Spotacular. We raised over £40. We dressed up spotty all over and we all had great fun. We even had our faces painted but Kitty did it on her hand.



We made cheese twists and decorated fairy cakes (The fairy cakes were amazing and we made so many cheese twists that we were still eating them the next week!) Thank you every one who donated for children in need.


We went to the beach to collect sand for the sand pit and stones to stop the path around the duck pond being so muddy.  Loads of us went on the trip, including parents and babies.  Judy and Phoebe came with us too.  We had to fill loads of buckets of sand and stones but we worked together and got the job done quickly.  Phoebe made us hot chocolate and Lawrence came to join us for a cup.  Then we played a massive game of tig- Dean was the fastest by miles and the only way David avoided getting caught was sliding into the safe area!  We went looking for anemones in the rock pools and found a rock pool hidden from the beach, like a roofless cave!

We took our sculptures up to Forest school this week.  We collected all the materials from Fanc Mor, one of the beaches nearby.  David and Charlie made Antonio, a giant ant made from buoys, bottle lids and rope.  Jasper and Hugh made Captain Hook, from a big piece of piping, buoys and rope.  Daniel and Katie made a jellyfish from a buoy and parcel cable.  We found them places to live in the Forest School!

The Return of the Teacher!

Last week our new teacher came. Her name is Mrs Marriner. Mrs M is fun and helpful. Katie left to begin her life in France.  We all toasted marshmallows on candles and gave her a special photo book to remember us by. Phoebe made a cake that was the colours of the french flag. We  were sad to see Katie leave.

We made a friendship chain of all the good things of everyone in class. Each person wrote down something they liked about every other person, then we connected them all together.  We also made self portraits by tracing our silhouettes then we filled them with everything we like.  My self portrait had a picture of my trampoline, a football, hockey sticks and some butterflies.


We went on a treasure hunt to help Mrs M to know us better.  Mrs M hid envelopes with questions inside on paper.  We answered the questions to tell her about ourselves.  Each envelope had a clue written on it, which led us to the next one.

This afternoon we learned about hand washing.  Mrs M pretended glitter was germs and showed us how far germs can travel when we don’t wash them away.  She put the glitter on her face, the table and all over Jasper’s jumper!


Jasper and David.

Spelling edits by Mrs M!

One Exciting Week

On Monday we did a Fibonacci sequence, and we found out that the Fibonacci  pattern can be found in nature as well as numbers. Also on Monday we went out into the poly tunnel and dug some potatoes up. We also found out that we need to wait a little bit longer for the sweetcorn to be ready to pick, one other thing  we had to do was gather up all the little nasturtium seeds.

On Tuesday  P1  went through to the Nursery and used team work to build a house for teddy. They also pretended to  have a shop and they had to buy blocks from the shop to build the house.



This is Tara, Keighla and Hugh building a house for teddy   

Last week we had an Indian night and we raised £220.We had Rangoli patterns all over the hall. Zoe did tattoos and also gave us bindi’s,  and some of us got henna painted on our hands.  In school we made Dahl and fragrant rice. Judy came in and helped us cook these two Indian foods. We can’t remember  if we thought the Dahl was a bit too spicy ,the reason is that Judy put in a little bit too much chili powder.  Mrs Boden and Judy liked it!


We played Indian games with parents, which was great fun.  The first game was Gutte, which is played with 5 stones (because stones are free) and is like Jacks in this country.  Then we played Kokla Chappaki which is like Duck Duck Goose.

We had a lovely time and the food was great.







Last Week of Term

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On Wednesday we pretended to be ship wrecked and camped out.

First of all we looked at the amazing 3D model that Hazel made. We found out about important clues that would help us to survive once ship wrecked. Then we went to the beach where we played out a story of being shipwrecked and began exploring. We agreed that we would find shelter first. We went to the shelter and saw smoke, we crept through and discovered Pirate Judy. Pirate Judy agreed terms, if we found food she would share her fire and camp. So we remembered our clues from the model and we went to forage. Katie and Jasper went to the water source and they came back with water, fish and strawberries. Willow, Daniel and Mr Murray went to the hen house and found eggs for everyone. Hugh, Tara, Kitty and I found sugar snap peas, salad leaves, raspberries, strawberries and potatoes. We took these back to camp to share. Pirate Judy had managed to store some sausages at her camp and we ate all our food. We especially enjoyed our fish. After Hugh and Tara went home we asked questions and people earned points which earned them a sweet treat. We cooked Marshmallows over the fire they were amazing. We then set to ready our camp and go to sleep. We laid out the washed up sail and made a sleep area. Then we read the books Mrs B had given us as a gift. Then we told stories and then we fell asleep. We were sound asleep, when it started to rain, at 3am, we found our wellies, gathered up our sleeping bags and ran all the way to school then we slept in the school flat.

Willow liked the fact that when we were camping outside on Wednesday it was very peculiar to sleep in the open.

Daniel liked the camp out because it was very fun and exciting. Also Daniel liked when Mrs B read Harry the Happy Mouse

We had breakfast in school in the morning and we felt a bit tired. It was a tremendously exciting adventure!



Well done Hazel on your 3D model of Port Mor it was great to make with you and it helped us on our Camp Out.





At the end of term assembly we did our own song we also got a trophy each, Hugh and Tara were pleased with that.

Another good bit about the assembly was we got one cake to take out to play as well as our own snack.

Every one liked the recorders and Katie, Jasper, David and Kitty were very pleased with how well the song they all played together went.

Another thing about the end of term assembly was we had a surprise power point for Mrs B because she is unfortunately and sadly leaving, we all say we have never had a better teacher so thank you Mrs B for being a great teacher.

Thank you Katie you have all been a pleasure to teach.

I have been very blessed and privileged to be the teacher here at Muck Primary School. Thank you to the children for all their hard work, enthusiasm, ideas and creativity. Thank you to everyone in school that help to make it a wonderful and effective place to teach and learn. Thank you to the parents who have been so supportive from new ideas, to all kinds of construction, not to mention culinary prowess! Thank you to the community and friends who wholeheartedly embrace the school and make school events so special. Thank you to Brian for his sense of humour, patience and ability to do a wee job here and there! Thanks must also go to Mr Murray who although here for only a short time has made a good start. This has been proven by his heroic camp out on Wednesday night, above and beyond the call of duty.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.


With love and thanks Mrs B

Mermaid Week

On Sunday we had open day. and we had 3 tours we did poly tunnel , ducks,outside and classroom. There was also a tractor tour, ice cream, and a cake sale. It was a success!

On Monday the our new teacher for after the summer came to visit we showed her around our school.

Our Poly Tunnel


Our Trip to Mermaid’s Pool


On Tuesday Hugh stayed in school because he needs to get used to the things we do in school and there was a visit from a paramedic. The visit from the paramedic was showing the equipment that the paramedic needs. In the afternoon two archaeologists came in to visit and we saw the archaeological site and there we saw artifacts from the Mesolithic period (Middle Stone Age). Tuesday was very exciting

IMG_3504IMG_3503IMG_3506IMG_3507IMG_3508IMG_3512IMG_3513On Wednesday  we were writing mermaid’s tales and the Eigg children came to visit so we played rounders and drama. Also we collected produce from poly tunnel (Peas, Raspberries, Strawberries and Broad beans).

When Thursday came we went to mermaids pool and told our mermaid’s tales. We also played rounders again to try and get a bit better.

Obviously, on Friday we wrote the blog like normal and it was dress down day, so we collected more money for Mary’s Meals and we will give a total for this term next week.

This week was very exciting.

By Jasper and Kitty





Climbing Frame Week

On Monday we got our climbing frame and discussed rules. On Tuesday we practiced our tours and did work in the poly-tunnel as well as collecting produce, Our produce was raspberries, sugar snap peas and salad. On Wednesday we started our open day posters and the Eigg children came and Mr Murray’s son joined us as well as the kodaly lady.

On Thursday it was just normal but without the Primary Fives. Finally… On Friday we wrote this post. This week was amazing but the Primary Fives were off for small isles week so me and Jasper worked on aboriginal art. Post by Kitty.

P4 and P2 week on PhotoPeach

Heat Week

This week Mrs B went to the mainland and Mr Murray and Mr Norman came to the school it is very fun having Mr Norman teaching us. Almost as fun as having Mrs B teaching us.


this week we started to make our duck house for the ducklings and it is starting to look quite good.



Anyway also this week we made posters about the food crisis in Malawi. It  was great fun colouring the posters and drawing the pictures.


On Thursday we went to the forest school with Mr  Norman and we went and looked at the den that we have begun to make. After that we went to the camp place and arranged jobs and next we collected wood to take to the den to build up the walls. In the end Mrs B came with a box of stuff that we had collected from Fank Mor and also a big bit of net wich we used as the roof and we have to admit that it looks pretty good.




Jasper and David working together


The walls look quite good


Finally done

On Friday morning Mr Murray took the assembly with Eigg. Then Mr Murray took us over to the forest school and we did an orienteering activity and it was lots of fun. In the end me and Daniel won and then we came back down to the school also we had a discussion with Mr Murray when we got back to school.

A Katie and David collaboration.

We enjoyed going over to Eigg to last week where we were able to try out their new climbing frame and basket swing. We went to the Health Fair and took part in the Qi Gong and rode the smoothie bike.

Eigg Health Fair on PhotoPeach

Photopeach by Kitty and Jasper

Fun Week

On Monday Hugh and Tara noticed that three of their stick insects had hatched they told Willow and Daniel at ‘show and tell’.

Mr Murray came on Tuesday and he brought cakes with him. (they were very yummy in my tummy). Thank you Eigg. Also in the afternoon on Wednesday Mr Murray did sports in the hall with us and we had a lot of fun. Again with Mr Murray on Wednesday we had assembly with the Eigg children. We talked about the different things we are in school like, we are all hard working and we are lucky to have a good head teacher and also a wonderful teacher also we are lucky to have a good education.

On Wednesday we made a journey over to Fank Mor. The people that came with us were Judy, Molly, Mrs B and all the children. When we got there, we split into three teams my team consisted of Hugh, Tara, Molly and myself. David’s team had Willow and Judy and the last team was Jasper’s team and he had Mrs B and Daniel. The first thing we did was get a sack for each team. Then we got to work on collecting things we could find on the rocks. In the middle we came together and had a break and then we got back to work and after about fifteen minutes we came together again and washed our hands with the wipes that Mrs B had brought  with her. After that we had our snacks. Then  we had a little play then we came together to head back to school but me and Jasper noticed a big wheel on the rocks and eventually we managed to get it up to the piles we made.

On Thursday we wrote our Fish Farm reports and all of them are very interesting and very good. We have a lot of good

In the school we now have five ducks, one turkey and eight white pheasants. the ducks are quite smelly and messy and the pheasants are very jumpy, sleepy and funny.

Thank you to Mark who came in on Friday to show us the shapes that he has cut out for the outdoor classroom. We know that this must have been quite a challenge and we think they look great.

Pick’s and Chick’s on PhotoPeach

By Katie